Do politicians actually care?!

Posted on Sep 22, 2013

I believe they do.

I asked my dad once, a few years ago, when I was considering a career in politics, what steps I needed to take in order to become a member of parliament, or even better, the prime minister.
I believed I had the passion, the intelligence – maybe the skills? (but they can always be learnt right?)

He then scared me off quickly from a career of politics.
You have to join a party, then commit to this, be very active, be involved… and the process seemed so daunting and something upon which I was highly unlikely to ever embark…

‘Do you think politicians truly care about what they do?’ I asked him.
‘Yes’ He replied.
And thus began my faith in politics…

I hear it almost everyday , people saying things like:

‘Politicians only care about themselves, power and climbing to the top’

But the dedication and passion it takes to pursue a political career is not an easy path to power and I truly believe that politicians  (well Australia’s politicians at least) are fighting for a ‘common good’.

Although, we must not forget that:

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

And that the search for a common good may become blurry in the midst of the chase.




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    I think this piecer of writing is very interesting and I remember Absolute Power Corrupts from something at school?

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