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A Partial Bystander

Mid-April. I am in Tai Chung, along the centre of the west coast of Taiwan. I'm here to visit family. I check my emails (as you do on holidays) not expecting to read anything of interest, and I receive this poem from my Dad. A Flower Given to My Daughter Frail Read More
Australia has lost the principles of education that traditionally served our state so well. Generations before me benefited from quality and 'equal' public education. Let's take a look back in time. In the 19th century, Victoria was regarded as Read More
Do politicians actually care?!

Do politicians actually care?!

Posted on Sep 22, 2013

frances nolan
I believe they do. I asked my dad once, a few years ago, when I was considering a career in politics, what steps I needed to take in order to become a member of parliament, or even better, the prime minister. I believed I had the passion, the intelligence Read More
Journalists often find it hard to report on climate change, partly due to the fact that they talk about stories, because that's what interests people. Drama and conflict triumphs over the reporting of long-term processes. Framing climate change into an Read More
Jon Faine is a well-known, fairly ferocious radio-presenter on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) 774 breakfast program. He sees his program as forming a part of the mechanism that holds those in power accountable for their actions. Faine Read More
  First published in New Matilda, 19 Dec 2012. The Australian media likes to talk about suicide on one day of the year: 10 September, World Suicide Prevention Day. Youth suicide largely remains out of the media for the other 364 days of the Read More